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GIFs are on Fire right now…
If you open your phone right now, there’s a big chance you have a message on FB messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat Viberr…..or any of the other messaging platforms out there.

What’s going to be in loads of these messages?

Images…..videos….and animated GIFs

Or….if you log into FB your newsfeed, what are you going to see?

Lots of visual, engaging content that is getting people to like it, comment, share it and tag friends.

The right viral meme at the right time can have anyone in convulsions of laughter, and tapping away to tag a friend or share it.

In short, visual communication has replaced the text conversations of old. Short and snappy animations have replaced the long winded videos that start blasting out audio, or showing ads.

People are actually having conversations, sharing emotions and sending all sorts of content viral, purely because of these crazy small, non-intrusive animated GIFs.

How did this happen?
Well, when Steve Wilhite invented GIF’s back in 1987, it was simply a way to put small animated images on what was then the brand new medium of the internet.

Fast forward to 2018, and animated GIFs are basically short, silent lightweight videos that people can consume in a few seconds, or a well timed meme that will say more than 5 lines of text can, in one split second.

People got sick of long videos, taking their phones speakers and screen with some lame ad they had to watch first. The viral GIF is the communication medium of 2018.

It's not just us saying this, check out what the mainstream media has to say:

The fact is, how people communicate is changing…and your marketing needs to as well
Think about it…..all these messaging apps even have their very own GIF keyboard!

This seismic change in how people online communicate with each other is your opportunity.

If you can put the right GIF in front of the right people at the right time, your social media accounts (and target pages) can grow drastically.

The trouble is, finding these GIFs and knowing what is popular is very tricky.
1) you probably dont use the right GIFs…  with GIFs being scattered across hundreds of platforms, it takes ages to fgind what's hot before it becomes saturated.
2)  you may not post at the right time, when your audience is in front of their computer. When you don't time it right, you're wasting your time.

3) you don’t have the time to be at your computer scheduling dozens of posts per week. And you need to be prolofic with these campaigns.
4) without the right tools visitors will not be able to click on your GIFs. Sites like FB just open the image when a user clicks on it....but you need to drive traffic, so how to do that?
You need to be at the front of the wave, before the crest.

And even then, how do you get the GIF in front of people and how do you control where it sends them when they click

There is no point in having a funny viral GIF end up getting 1000’s of likes, shares and comments if it is just an image on its own with no marketing juice.

You need to make these work…..really work.

And we have the solution.
Presenting the all-in-one GIF marketing suite you need to take advantage of this massive growth streak right now:

Currently reduced from $97 to $37 for our launch. Price rising when the counter reaches zero
"... GifPublishr is a brand new cloud based GIF marketing suite that takes all the hassle, guesswork and pain away from sourcing viral nuggets to use in your marketing by searching 2 of the best top viral image platforms in 1 go, then letting you syndicate these to your own pages, but define a target link that goes to a URL of your choice."
GifPublishr lets you put your campaign
right in front of your audience in 3 easy steps:
Once you order GIFpublisher, you will automatically receive login details.

From here, you will be able to connect your social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest

You can connect multiple pages and accounts if you work with clients or if you want to reach out more people. 
Enter a keyword, hit search to access over 300 million GIFs we pull in all the best, trending, newest and most viral. 

For example: if you want to promote a hotel, just type in “hotel” a keyword and you’ll see a lot of related gifs to use. 

You also have 3 other methods including being able to upload gifs directly from your computer, importing gifs from url and a full webpage.
Set your campaign to publish at a date and time of your choosing, set your target URL and click to publish.

It's that simple : )
It could not be easier.
The alternative is to manually trawl viral image sites, then go around all your social media accounts trying to schedule these, post them and somehow get the traffic to go to your landing page (that’s right….when you post these images natively inside platforms like FB, when a user clicks the mage it just opens the image…..it does not take any traffic to your landing page!).

GifPublishr even has the power to work as a social media post scheduler, an added feature that could be an app all of it’s own and for which you’d pay full price from some other platforms.

And that’s not all…...with GifPulishr’s “set and forget” autocampaign functions you can simply set the app to search for a keyword and automatically generate new posts of the top image it finds, at a schedule of your choosing.

Can you see how powerful that is?

It’s as “hands free” as this process is ever going to be, and it’s all ‘under the hood’ of this one powerful platform, GifPubishr.
Here’s a full recap of what’s included in GifPublishr:
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4 different ways to import, find or add a gif into Gifpublishr
Ability to upload a gif file from the computer
Find and use gifs from popular gif platforms using the built-in smart search feature
Add any gif url to import it or import all gifs from any webpage
Compose and send your gif posts immediately or schedule for later
Supports the top 4 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
Users can add unlimited social media accounts
Ability to automatically post to all supported platforms once
Swift auto campaign feature - automates the gif finding and posting process
Ability to create unlimited auto campaigns per account
Youzign integration
Complete tutorial videos
Look at what these powerful features will let you do in your marketing:
 GIF Search Engine: 100s Of Millions Of GIFs At Your Fingertips
GIF Finder Global Search Engine: search Giphy and Tenor in one click and find the perfect GIF that matches your audience and will go viral

Our app doesn’t just pull in the most viral GIFs from the best platforms... 

with GifPublisher you’ll be able to call first dibs on the newest & hottest gifs...

... that were published just under 3 hours ago that less than 10,000 people worldwide has even seen.

This gives you an amazing first-mover advantage over any of your competition on social media.

 GIF Social Poster: Quadruple Your Results
Simultaneously post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin and quadruple your marketing efforts, several times a day!
 Clickable GIF Image: 2,426% More Clicks
We all love making people laughs with our GIFs...

.... but truth be told, as marketers our job is to make sure our GIF images are clicked and get people to visit our websites!

Thanks to GIFPublishr PhotoClick technology to turn your Gif images into actual clickable images...

The image on the right is from a test we ran on one of our Facebook pages. 

The control (above) uses a regular GIF and the test (below) uses a clickable GIF images... 

The results speak for themselves!

Clickable GIF images delivered over 2,426% more clicks than a regular GIF without any link you would post on Facebook… 

and best of all, this is all legal and 100% Facebook compliant.
before (GIF not clickable): 19 link clicks
after (GIF clickable): 465 link cliks, a relative increase of 2,426%!
 GIF Autocampaigns: Maximize Your Reach
Repost your GIFs on multiple days of the week to make sure your audience don't miss out on your posts. 
 GIF Calendar Planner: Simplify Your Life
Schedule one month's worth of social media posting in 30 minutes or less, so that you can have more time doing what you love. And if you work with clients, this will help you be a lot more efficient.
In short, Gifpublishr will let you:

- Source the most popular GIFs online
- Automate your viral marketing
- Post only at the right time
- Schedule Your Posts
- Run Auto-campaigns

...and tap into this breakthrough new marketing formula.

..and that's not all.....here are 4 more reasons you need Gifpublishr in your marketing toolkit
Thanks to its Youzign integration, GifPublishr allows you to schedule and publish Youzign images across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin automatically...

So in a matter of minutes you can schedule dozens of social media posts to be drip fed to your networks, over the course of a month of more.

This level of automation brings a whole new level of marketing to your Youzign game.
A key difference between a gif that goes viral the minute
it’s posted and the one that doesn’t is “Hashtags”
If you add the right hashtags to your gifs, it will go get traction faster!

When you join our GifPublishr community today, we’ll give you access to a private video training that reveals a secret “Hashtag” tool we use to discover the best hashtags to use in our posts to reach more audiences faster. We’ll show you the cool tricks we apply on this to uncover trending and popular hashtags we can dominate easily.
Winning online with gifs is really not just about posting random gifs on social media, you need a calculated masterplan that leads you to more website visitors, more leads and more sales.

We’ve created a special blueprint for our members to show you  exactly how to profit from the Gif revolution. Our goal is to help you standout from every other person posting gifs online so you get noticed and gain traction.

More importantly, you will learn how to use Gifpublishr's PhotoClick technology to turn these campaigns into actual traffic to your website.
Gifpublishr comes with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Purchase today 100% risk-free because if for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, simply contact our friendly support desk and you will be promptly be given a full refund.
Don't just take our word for it...see what people are already saying about Gifpublishr
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Sign up now to secure your discount during our launch.
$97 $37 today only
Hurry, special discount closes soon…
What is the difference between Gifpublishr and Gifzign?
Gifpublishr is a different product to from Gifzign. Gifzign creates Gifs for you, and Gifpublishr allows you to publish Gifs to social media.
Why Gifpublishr?
It is a complete GIF marketing suite that gives you all the possible GIF sourcing and posting automation options you need to take advantage of the GIF trend and thrive.
Can I upload my own GIFs?
Yes. You can upload your own GIFs, use the built-in GIF search engine to find new and trendy GIFs from across the internet or import from any desired page or url.
Is Gifpublishr a cloud-based software or desktop app?
Yes. It is cloud-based and works on both Mac and PC. You can use it from anywhere in the world on any device.
Is there a money-back guarantee? 
Yes. We have a 30 day money back guarantee which makes this offer completely risk-free for you.
How many social accounts can I add to Gifpublishr?
You can add unlimited social accounts that you own or admin. And you can schedule or post to as many social accounts as you choose simultaneously.
What can I do with the Gifpublishr Youzign integration?
You can retrieve your Youzign designs inside Gifpublishr and schedule them for posting to social media. You can use this to promote your graphics creation service, promote your deals, coupon codes and discount offers, build fans and followers with quote graphics, etc. Basically you can create these graphics in Youzign and schedule them with Gifpublishr to post across your social channels at the appropriate date and time.
Tell me about the Youzign templates bonus?
We are currently creating you 50 brand new Youzign templates for Gifpublishr. These new templates include 10 deal graphics templates, 10 quote graphics templates, 10 contest graphics templates, 10 coupons and giveaways graphics templates and 10 promo graphics templates. These templates will be added to your Youzign account on Monday, 19th March, 2018.
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